Tool Holder

Tool holder and all Holder related components manufactured by Ann Way feature high mechanical stability and accuracy. Our machine tool components are built to last and covered by Ann Way's excellent after sale service for all our clients.

Balanced Tool Holder Series

Providing a custom balanced package for our customers is a must in today’s high speed equipment machining process. Ann way achieves high mechanical stability and accuracy in all their tool holder products and related components.

Designed with the utmost care by our experienced R&D team, eliminate chatter, improve roundness and finish, extend tool holder life and rest assured that your tool component is built to last.

See below for more details on our range of balanced tool holders.

ISO/NBT Series Highly Rigid Tool Holders

Ann Way’s High precision balanced ISO/NBT series allow for higher speeds without vibration. Designed and built in Taiwan using the very best high precision CNC equipment available on the world market. Each and every tool holder is precisely positioned within one micron to assure maximum rigidity, minimal projection for clearance and minimal deflection of the tool holder during operation.

Our professional inspection department ensures all the top industry standards are met such as BT, HSK, DIN, and ANSI. Additionally we guarantee excellent after sales service and support to all of our customers worldwide.

The Best Tool Holder for Your Production

Ann way’s insistence upon quality is not limited to our products but also encompasses the equipment, staff, and services we provide. The use of high precision testing instruments ensures the qualities of our products are well above industry standards.

Be assured that all the products coming off our production line meet our own, our customers and the markets very high expectations.

Our professional ISO/NBT tool holder series deliver the rigidity, precision and true concentricity required for efficient and accurate end milling and drilling.

See below for more details on our range of tool holders.

ISO/NBT Series
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